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Best Online Luxury Furniture Stores in the US

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There are a lot of great online stores selling high end luxury furniture in the US. Here are links and information about the best ones.

Notice: We are affiliated with most of these online stores. If you purchase through our links we might earn commissions.

One Kings Lane screenshot

According to website traffic statistics, this is a hugely popular online store in the US. It is packed with so many products. I can't start imagining how large of a warhouse and how good the logisitics of these guys has to be to handle all of these products.

Well Organized

However, the store is very well organized. It has lots of top-level and sub-categories making it a pleasure to browse.

Custom Furniture

You'll find a furniture design tool you can use to design custom chairs & settees, benches & ottomans, pillows, and headboards. They claim that the furniture you design using this tool costs much less than your usual custom furniture.

Selection Snapshot
Type Number of Items Highest Price
Furniture 7,400 $30,000
Rugs 3,100 $40,250
Lighting 3,200 $14,550
Art 4,750 $25,000
Mirrors 550 $9,600
Pillows & Decor 10,250 $33,000
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Horchow screenshot

Horchow is a popular online furniture and home goods store. As you can see from the numbers below, it has a huge selection of products with prices reaching well up into luxury territory.

Additional Categories

In addition to furniture you can buy mattresses, decor, bedding, bath towels, lighting, rugs, dinnerware, glassware, gifts, and more here.

Stylish Gifts

The gift section features a lot of great looking houswarming and wedding gifts.

Selection Snapshot
Type Number of Items Highest Price
Furniture 3,600 $20,700
Lighting 3,150 $61,000
Mirrors 450 $26,000
Artwork 1,400 $41,250
Decorative Pillows 290 $640
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Wayfair screenshot

Wayfair is one of the absolutely most popular online stores in the US. It is in fact ranked as the #305 most popular website overall, which is huge.

You will find both cheap and high end luxury items here.

Huge Selection

I believe the selection includes millions of items. In addition to the product categories mentioned below, there are appliances, pet items, baby & kid items, outdoor products, and much more.

Custom Furniture

You can create custom furniture at Wayfair as well. This includes custom sofas, sectionals, dining chairs, bar stools, and more.

Selection Snapshot
Type Number of Items Highest Price
Sofas 29,200 $20,500
Beds 20,200 $24,000
Dining Tables 15,000 $26,000
Area Rugs 299,000 $278,000
Wall Art 500,000 $10,500
Mirrors 25,600 $7,600
Decorative Pillows 243,000 $3,650
Chandeliers 28,100 $54,400
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Perigold screenshot

Perigold is a very popular online store that sells furniture, decor, lighting, rugs, bedding, and more.

The selection includes a lot of all sorts of indoor and outdoor funiture.

Famous Brands

You'll find a great selection of Ralph Lauren Home here. This includes over 1,000 items. The highest end most expensive of these are a chandelier priced at over $21,000, a solid wood art deco sideboard priced at over $16,000, and a modern dining table priced at about $14,500.

Selection Snapshot
Type Number of Items Highest Price
Sofas 2,550 $20,500
Dining Tables 2,300 $31,200
Beds 950 $26,600
Chandeliers 4,550 $73,200
Area Rugs 43,400 $278,000
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Frontgate screenshot

Frontgate claims to produce the world's best outdoor furniture. Every item is designed in house by their design team to last year after year.

Decent Selection

You won't find the largest selection of products at Frontgate compared with the other top stores we've included in this list. Still, the selection is great and includes all sorts of furniture.

Additional Categories

Besides furniture, you can also find rugs, decor, bedding, bath towels, dinnerware, drinkware, pet products, holiday decor, gifts, and more at this site.

Selection Snapshot
Type Number of Items Highest Price
Outdoor Wicker Furniture 300 $10,850
Outdoor Aluminum Furniture 180 $8,100
Outdoor Teak Furniture 220 $9,500
Outdoor Dining Sets 60 $10,850
Outdoor Daybeds 15 $9,500
Outdoor Rugs 80 $1,900
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Sotheby's screenshot

Sotheby's is a famous auction house and seller of pre owned luxury items. You'll find a list of all the auctions going on at the Sotheby's website. There are auctions going on almost every day.

Online Store

Sotheby's also sells a lot of luxury items in its online store. This includes high end jewelry, watches, sneakers, handbags, pens, art, furniture, rugs, and more.

Selection Snapshot
Type Number of Items Highest Price
Furniture 1,600 $60,000
Beds 30 $6,300
Tables 570 $25,200
Decorative Arts & Objects 510 $32,000
Lighting 440 $28,000
Rugs 180 $28,000
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